Basil Pesto | Burger of the Month | January | Jakes Burger and Beer
January Burger of the Month

Basil Pesto

Jakes Uptown brings you a combination of a classic Italian taste, and beefy American goodness. The Basil Pesto Burger features our flavor-packed basil pesto sauce, melty Monterrey Jack Cheese, red onions, lettuce and tomato that will have you licking your fingers.

Chipotle | Burger of the Month | March | Jakes Burger and Beer
February Burger of the Month


The chipotle burger is the perfect mix of fire and flavor. On top of our classic Jakes double meat we add some pop with pepper jack cheese. Next our fire roasted red peppers mixed with grilled onions,
a smoky sweet treat. Then we spread chipotle mayo on the top bun to create the perfect companion for one of our ice cold beers or margaritas!

Texas Tortilla | Burger of the Month | March | Jakes Burger and Beer
March Burger of the Month

Texas Tortilla

This one is a flavorful mix of Mexican and American classics. Where could you go wrong? Jakes fresh and spicy guacamole, crispy tortillas strips piled high on top of two fresh never frozen patties, melted Monterrey Jack Cheese, Chipotle mayo, lettuce, and tomato.
You gotta try this one!

The California | Burger of the Month | April | Jakes Burger and Beer
April Burger of the Month

The California

The California is a fresh and fun take on how to build a burger. We start with our mouth watering turkey burger. On top find some bacon and avocado to continue our tour of the coast. Can’t forget the
garden so we add lettuce and tomatoes. Finish it off with some chipotle mayo and you have a burger with flavor and flair! Try adding some sweet potato fries to finish this burger journey.

Border Burger | Burger of the Month | May | Jakes Burger and Beer
May Burger of the Month

Border Burger

Inspired by our neighbors south of the border, this burger begins with the classic double meat that Jakes is famous for. Throw in jalapeño bacon and chipotle cheese for a nice kick. Topped off with refried beans and finished with Jakes queso and tortilla strips, you will certainly need a margarita to balance it out.

Patty Melt | Burger of the Month | June | Jakes Burger and Beer
June Burger of the Month

Patty Melt

The description coming soon…

Philly | Burger of the Month | July | Jakes Burger and Beer
July Burger of the Month


The Philly Burger borrows from an east coast classic to make a new favorite! We start with the Jakes double meat you know and love. Then we throw the garden in the pan and add sautéed green bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms.
Cover it all with provolone cheese and you have a burger that will take you to Philly without leaving Texas.

Hatch Green Chili | Burger of the Month | August | Jakes Burger and Beer
August Burger of the Month

Hatch Green Chili

The Hatch Green Chile Burger is how we show our southwest side.
On top of our classic double meat, hatch green chiles, caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese and chipotle mayo finishes off this flavor packed burger. Goes great with a side of Jumpin Jakes fries!

The Flaming Cow Burger | Burger of the Month | September | Jakes Burger and Beer
September Burger of the Month

The Flaming Cow Burger

A fresh twist on a Jakes Classic! Monterey Jack cheese melted over our double meat topped with pico de gallo & Jakes spicy mustard!

The Fire Truck | Burger of the Month | October | Jakes Burger and Beer
October Burger of the Month

The Fire Truck

The Fire Truck- hear those sirens? That’s the sound of Jakes bringing the heat! This spicy number starts with Chipotle Cheddar melted on our double meat. We add Jalapeño bacon, Jakes hangover sauce and Pico de gallo to
stoke the flames and if that wasn’t enough, we finish it off with our jalapeno bottle caps. CAUTION: you’re going to want an ice cold beer or margarita to cool the fire.

Frito Pie Chili Cheese | Burger of the Month | November | Jakes Burger and Beer
November Burger of the Month

Frito Pie Chili Cheese

Frito Pie Chili Cheese Burger is Jakes take on a Texas classic! We pour chili over our classic double meat to get things started. Next, we add shredded Cheddar cheese and onions to continue on our journey
to flavor town. We can’t forget the Fritos that give this offering and the traditional dish its name and its crunch. Grab some tater tots and eat this burger over them and hope some spills out.

Sloppy Jake | Burger of the Month | December | Jakes Burger and Beer
December Burger of the Month

Sloppy Jake

The description coming soon…