In short:

You know when you go out of town to visit a good friend and they take you to a great local hangout where the food is great and the vibe is relaxed, fun and exciting? Yeah, that’s Jakes! We’re kind of like your favorite pair of jeans we fit perfectly to where you can be yourself.

Jakes Burgers and Beer Logo

  • A true local Texas Tradition of “Burgers, Beer and Atmosphere” since 1985. Henry James once said “it takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition” and we have made more than a few burgers, served more than a few beers, and have hosted more than a few parties.
  • Variety of local brews
  • Great Patios – a popular local vacation spot, a get-a-way from the grind
  • A virtual cornucopia of Hi-Definition Sports
  • Home of the Two-Part Goodtime “The Happening Happy Hour and The Hangover Head Quarters”
  • We are the restaurant where time and money are well spent, for the cost conscientious, time-crunched work-a-holics, and everybody else!